Policy and ideology of social economy

 Workshop 1.a.           New conceptual frameworks 

  • Pieter H.M. RuysThe architecture of a social enterprise:  The relational approach
  • Kevin T. JacksonAnalysis and design of normative conceptual frameworks of social economy
  • John Justin McMurtryPrometheus, Trojan Horse or Frankenstein?: The social and solidarity economy as community creation, market wedge, or state monster
  • Gani Aldashev & Cecilia NavarraWhat do we know about the economics of development of NGOs? Some stylized facts

 Workshop 1.b.          Welfare policy

  • Teresa Savall Morera & Rafael Chaves Ávila, Is social economy effectively participating in public policies? The Spanish experience
  • Erika Bertazzo, Social economy as the protagonist of public welfare?
  • Gurli Jakobsen, Social entrepreneurship and social value

 Workshop 1.c.           Cooperative experiences

  • Sandrine Ansart, Amélie Artis & Virginie Monvoisin, The challenge of “banalisation” for co-operative banks: Dynamics, turbulences and state of the crisis TEXT
  • Bernard Paranque, Propriété privée et action collective : De la coopération comme réappropriation du monde
  • Leire Uriarte Zabala & Eneritz Pagalday Tricio, La experiencia cooperativa de Mondragon y la economía solidaria del Sur TEXT

 Workshop 1.d.          Emerging SE in Asia

  •  Hyungsik Eum & Eric Bidet, Comprendre un concept dans son contexte : L’économie sociale en Corée du Sud
  • Norimichi Goishi, Recent development and features of social enterprises and social economy in Japan and Korea

 Workshop 1.e.           Social enterprises and volunteering issues

  •  Jacques Defourny & Marthe Nyssens, Social cooperatives: When social enterprises meet the cooperative tradition
  • Bruna Bruno & Damiano Fiorillo, Voluntary work and labour income
  • Isabella Hatak & Dietmar Roessl, CSR in cooperative banks: Generating value for members as internal stakeholders
  • Marek Hudon & Céline Louche, Transforming social enterprises: the case of Kenyan and Vietnamese microfinance institutions
  • Danilo Malta Ferreira, Ana Lucia Cortegoso, Ioshiaqui Shimbo, Callil João & Regina GandolfiTimeline Construction Process as Systematization Instrument of Experiences in Solidarity Economy. Multidisciplinar and Integrated Core of Studies , Formation and Intervention in Solidarity Economy TEXT + PRESENTATION
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