POSTER SESSION 4: SE and societal challenges

  • Ednalva Felix Das Neves, Valter Palmieri Júnior & Miguel Juan Bacic, The challenges of the solidary economy in a society of the consumption
  • Ana Lucia Cortegoso & Isabella Ap. Lussi, Institutionalization of a technological incubator for popular cooperatives in a public university in Brazil as part of public policy
  • Isabel Barrachina Martínez, Carla Sancho Mestre & David Vivas Consuelo, Per capita funding in public health care in the Valencian Community: Efficiency assessment of Public-Private-Partnership versus public  management
  • Sonia Martín López, Josefina Fernández Guadaño, Paloma Bel Durán & Gustavo Lejarriaga Pérez de las Vacas, Measures to encourage the creation of labour-managed firms from the different levels of education 
  • Danilo Ferreira , Ioshiaqui Shimbo, Ana Lucia CortegosoGeneral strategies, essential conditions, obstacles and limitations in the process of proposing guidelines for public policies of Solidarity Economy to promote Territorial Development: Performance of Núcleo Multidiscplinar e Integrado de Estudos, Formação e Intervenção em Economia Solidária da Universidade Federal de São Carlos, São Paulo, Brasil PRESENTATION


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