Visits of social economy enterprises

Three social economy enterprises visits (to choose from among) are proposed on Thursday October 24

Due to their success, the social economy enterprises visits proposed are closed for registrations. We are looking for a fourth possibility.

Werkhaven Antwerpen
Social enterprise of the City of Antwerp delivering various services to citizens and to the city administration  (waste collecting and recycling, maintenance of green spaces, cleaning, light renovation of buildings, mobile concierges, lending of various tools, material and equipment, care services, …).  It provides training and over 1.000 sustainable jobs with a view to putting people back into regular employment.
Visit of the "work floor" and panel of training activities aimed at reducing the gap towards employment. 

Constituted as a merger of various social enterprises, Levanto aims at creating the employment market of tomorrow, in which everyone can be active according to its capacities. It acts as a platform between job seekers, employers, enterprises, clients and provides the ad hoc counselling, training and intermediation. With over 500 employees, Levanto annually accompanies some 2000 persons in activities and professions as diverse as sailors, bike repair, construction, heritage care, industrial specialised cleaning, logistics, energy saving and green development, gardening, …  
Visit of some of Levantos' 15 enterprises in Antwerpen. 

WEB in Turnhout
Located in Turnhout (some 40 km north east of Antwerp), this social enterprise provides so-called 'protected' workplaces to offer training work experiences.  Activities proposed are a social restaurant, four second hand shops, one repair and selling centre for IT equipment, but also administrative office work, eco-design, and various services to households.
Visit of various WEB training and workplaces in Turnhout.  The return trip to Turnhout is included and provided for. 

*  *  *

The visits will all start late morning and a lunch will be provided on spot within and through the social economy enterprise.
Exact meeting points and times will be given later on.
The visits will end around 17.00 - 17.30 at latest, before the welcome cocktail scheduled in the early evening.

The cost of those visits (essentially the transportation back and from and the lunch) is covered by the registration fee.
Those visits are open to the accompanying persons (also included in their fee).
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