Theme 8: Globalization and local anchoring

Considering the present context and the growth perspective in social economy organisations, a lot of attention is placed upon the field of tension between the global and the local focus areas. Although these translate into different structures and different institutional settings, it is obvious that they are not always opposites. Here too the adage goes: Think global, act local !! At all events, choices are necessary.
• How?
• Alternatives?
• Pros and cons?
• Best practices and preconditions?

On one hand:
• What about the territoriality and territorial turning point?
• What links with socio-political processes and participation?
• And what enrolment in public policy?

On another hand:
• How to characterize the socio-economic conditions necessary to territorialization : between complementarity, cooperation and competition?
• What are the organizational arrangements?
• What places for stakeholders and especially for workers, final users and financers ?

Issues of territorial development, spatial anchoring of activities and employment, short economic circulation of goods, co-construction of social economy initiatives (with different levels of spatial action or involvement), developing local partnerships, linking people worldwide (including north/south cooperations), scaling up strategies (and their effects in terms of possible concentration, mutualisation or other) are only some examples of what can be addressed under this thematic. While doing so, social economy seeks:
• to set up systemic constructions allowing for effective involvement and embedding into the local community,
• and also to construct new paths of economic development thinking articulations between local and global.
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