Conference structure

Apart from the plenary opening and closing sessions, working sessions to present and discuss the papers will be organised over 2 days with 5 (maybe 6) sessions in parallel. This would allow 30 (up to 36) workshop sessions offering the possibility for 130-150 (up to 175) presentations with discussion.

Each workshop lasts approximately 1hour30 and consists of the presentation and discussion of 4 to 5 papers.
Each author will have 10-15 min. to present his/her paper, which will then be discussed.

1st day 2nd - 3rd day
(Thursday October 24)
Social economy enterprises/organisations'
visits and achievements.
(Friday and Saturday, October 25-26)
Actual conference (workshops
and plenary sessions).

10 themes are proposed to articulate the conference topic

"Social economy on the move …
at the crossroads of structural change and regulation"
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