Theme 3: Laws on social economy, legal statutes and types of undertaking

Specific social economy laws, new legal/institutional frames and rules as well as subsidies/tax benefits and other support policies to social economy were issued recently in various countries.
• What is their purpose?
• What is their effect?
• Do they reach their policy goal?

This legal oriented theme also aims at comparing the pros and cons of the different types of undertaking in the various countries and to subject all kinds of aspects linked to legal statutes and specific rules for social economy organisations (and their support bodies/philanthropists) to a critical examination. In many countries debates are going on about the desirability of specific statutes for the social profit sector and the social economy in particular. This debate also concerns European Statutes. Comparative law, fiscal issues, cross-border related problems, labelling, etc. should be addressed and exchange of experiences can be helpful in this respect.
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